Internal Affairs Bureau - Complaint Form

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Internal Affairs Bureau
"Maintaining Professional Standards."
"Maintaining Professional Standards."
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Internal Affairs Bureau - Complaint Form

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Internal Affairs Bureau
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
Commanding Officer: Terence Fowler
Assistant Commanding Officer: Vacant

Table of Contents:
1. Internal Affairs Bureau
The Internal Affairs Bureau serves as the professional standards unit of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, comprised of specially selected and highly trained investigators. Our primary role is to investigate complaints involving on-duty or off-duty Sheriff's Department personnel regarding possible violations of law or policy. The Internal Affairs Bureau also works closely with outside agencies and legal counsel in the preparation and handling of court cases related to the department.

Unit Motto: "Maintaining Professional Standards."

Unit Mission Statement: "The absolute mission of the Internal Affairs Bureau is to enhance the public trust through accountability. We protect the integrity of the department by ensuring compliance with ethical standards, department policy and the law."

2. Complaint Process
The Internal Affairs Bureau receives complaints against department personnel from citizens & outside agencies. Once a complaint is received, it is reviewed to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements for investigation. If a complaint is determined to be better handled by Shift Command and Shift Supervisory Staff, then it may be forwarded to those groups to be handled at a supervisory level. If a complaint is deemed to require internal investigation or higher review, then it is accepted by the Internal Affairs Bureau and assigned to a specific case number. To aid in the investigation process and to ensure that there is enough to actually process the complaint, it is vital that you attach any evidence you have to your report. (( This includes IC evidence and OOC evidence. We will determine whether the OOC evidence is ICly viable or not throughout the case. ))

The Internal Affairs Bureau reserves the right to reject complaints on incidents if the reporter waits too long to file the report. This is entirely dependent on the nature of the situation, the time that has passed and the severity of the allegations.

While every effort is made to keep the identity of a reporter private, some aspects of the case may inadvertently reveal the identity. The Internal Affairs Bureau's policy is that the identity of reporters is never disclosed to those outside of Internal Affairs and senior staff directly reviewing the complaint unless the reporter discloses this information themselves.

You may report an incident to Internal Affairs via the following methods:

1. By sending in the official complaint form.
2. By speaking directly to an Internal Affairs representative.

Prior to filing a report, please consider whether or not your complaint could be handled by on-duty Sheriff's Department supervisors. Many situations do not require Internal Affairs and we receive many complaints that could be easily resolved by supervisors in the field. If you are unsure, you may go ahead and submit the complaint and it will be assigned accordingly.

Complaints may be rejected with good reason. All rejected complaints are still kept on file and the reporter is advised of the reason for the rejection, as well as how to fix the problem if possible.

It should be noted that only ONE person may be considered the actual reporter, and that is the person who directly files the report. Everyone else is considered an involved party. The only exceptions are cases where an attorney files a report on behalf of a client, in which the client is considered a co-reporter through the attorney.

(( Note: The Internal Affairs Bureau generally only investigates IC issues unless otherwise assigned by Executive Staff. If your complaint is mainly based on an OOC issue such as roleplay quality or violation of OOC rules, then you should send it to a member of LSSD Executive Staff. If it is sent to IAB, the Internal Affairs Bureau will still review the complaint if it stems heavily on IC factors and the OOC issues are a footnote of it. If you are unsure, go ahead and submit the complaint and we will assign or forward it as needed. ))

Code: Select all


[center][b]COMPLAINANT INFORMATION[/b][/center][/font][table2=Arial]
[td][b]PHONE NO.[/b][/td]
[td]Your Name Here[/td]
[td]Your Address Here[/td]
[td]Your Phone No. Here[/td]
[td]Your Occupation Here[/td]

[center][font=Times][b]REPORTED EMPLOYEE INFORMATION[/b][/center][/font][table2=Arial]
[td][b]RANK(S) & NAME(S)[/b][/td]
[td][b]EMPLOYEE NUMBER(S)[/b][/td]
[td][b]UNIT #[/b][/td]
[td]Reported Deputies' Ranks & Names Go Here[/td]
[td]Reported Deputies' Employee Numbers Go Here[/td]
[td]Unit Numbers (If Applicable) Of Reported Deputies Go Here[/td]

[center][font=Times][b]REPORTED EMPLOYEE ALLEGED MISCONDUCT[/b][/center][/font][table2=Arial]
[td][todo][/todo]Criminal Conduct[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Unreasonable Force[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Improper Tactics[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Improper Detention, Search, or Arrest[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Neglect of Duty[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Operation of Vehicles[/td]
[td][todo][/todo]Off-Duty Conduct[/td]

[center][font=Times][b]ALLEGATION INFORMATION[/b]
[i]Please Be As Descriptive As Possible[/i][/center][/font]

Description Here[/divbox]

[center][font=Times][B]DECLARATION OF UNDERSTANDING[/b][/font][/center]
[list]You understand that your report may be used to initiate a formal investigation into the conduct of an employee. While every effort is made to keep the identity of a reporter private, some aspects of the case may inadvertently reveal the identity. By submitting this form, you certify that this report is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Intentionally filing a false report is a crime. You have been provided a copy of the following Penal Code.

[size=85][i][b]San Andreas Penal Code (4)07. Filing A False Complaint[/b]
 A person who knowingly files a false complaint, statement, document, or representation with any organization regarding the conduct, job performance, or behavior of a public official or employee for the purpose of initiating false administrative action against that official.
- Penal Code (4)07 is a misdemeanor.[/i][/size]
[td][b]Reporter's Signature:[/b] [u][i]SIGNATURE HERE - REQUIRED[/i][/u][/td]
(( The format above must be sent to Internal Affairs Bureau through a private message. Ensure that the "todo" BBCode format is replaced with "todo_done" in both boxes to depict the check-box as a selected box; e.g. = ["todo_done"]["/todo_done"] without the speech connotations.

Include any relevant OOC evidence outside of the IC format above, in the PM. ))

3. Commendation Process
The Los Santos County Sheriffs Department is dedicated to continually providing the best possible law enforcement services to the public. Employees who provide quality service should be recognized for their efforts. Due to this, the Internal Affairs Bureau is not solely focused on investigating complaints of misconduct. The Internal Affairs Bureau Command Staff accepts and reviews commendations given by the public when an employee provides outstanding service.

If an employee has provided a quality service for you or otherwise acted professionally during a situation or a routine interaction, the Internal Affairs Bureau invites you to submit a formal commendation. The Internal Affairs Bureau Command Staff will review the commendation, determine if is has enough validity and substance, prepare a formal report and then forward it to the employee's chain of command for review. Due to the fact that your commendation becomes an official document, ensure that you provide details and evidence if available.

The Internal Affairs Bureau accepts commendations filed through the official commendation form.

Recommendations for commendations are no longer accepted from members of the public.

4. Investigation Process
Once the Internal Affairs Bureau has accepted a case for investigation, it is assigned to a specific case number and security classification. Investigators are then tasked with looking into the complaint, gathering necessary evidence and handling any necessary interviews. If the investigation requires any field duties or special activities, this will also be handled by investigators as directed by Internal Affairs supervisors. You may be contacted during the investigation if there are concerns or if further information is necessary, so it is important that you provide contact information. (( You can also be OOCly contacted if needed. ))

When a case is concluded, it is classified as one of the following categories:
  1. Conduct Appears Reasonable
    • Employee conduct is sanctioned by department procedures & regulations and is found to be reasonable. (i.e. not sustained).
  2. Conduct Could Have Been Better
    • Employee conduct is sanctioned by department procedures & regulations but is not found to be reasonable; employee conduct could have been better. (i.e. ACBD)
  3. Conduct Should Have Been Different
    • Employee conduct is not sanctioned by department procedures & regulations. Appropriate corrective action is taken. (i.e. sustained)
  4. Unable to Make a Determination
    • Investigation revealed insufficient information to assess the employee’s alleged conduct or to identify the employees involved. (Lack of Evidence)
  5. Exonerated
    • Employee was not personally involved or in any way connected to the incidents or alleged conduct.
Sustained cases may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal liability against the deputy following a discussion by the department's senior staff. Intentionally filing a false report could result in criminal liability and/or disciplinary action for the reporter under the San Andreas Penal Code.

5. Concluded Investigations
Once a preliminary review and/or investigation is completed, the reporter is notified of whether it was sustained, exonerated, not sustained or unfounded. If the complaint was sent to Shift Command to be handled at a supervisory level, the reporter is notified. The reporter may not be notified of the exact actions taken against a deputy due to confidentiality concerns. If any compensation is authorized, the reporter will be notified and a method of payment can be arranged.

The Internal Affairs Bureau aims to complete investigations within 14 days, with exceptions based on the needs of the case. This does not include the extra time it may take for Sheriff's Department senior staff to discuss the case and determine a proper course of action.

6. Contact Information
Inquiries regarding submitted complaints or commendations may be sent directly to the Internal Affairs Bureau. The Internal Affairs Bureau may decline to release information on active cases, concluded cases and cases that you are not directly involved in depending on the situation.


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