[Press Release #329] The Duty Belt (Week #1)

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[Press Release #329] The Duty Belt (Week #1)

Post by Marauder » February 13th, 2017, 9:36 am

Release #329 - February 13th, 2017
"The Duty Belt" (Week 1)

We are pleased to bring forward our new weekly article "The Duty Belt", to bring to light some of the calls that our Deputies come across on a daily basis. The submissions are optional for deputies to submit, but are encouraged for a transparency with our community. The following situations were noted from 05 FEB - 11 FEB. Deputies are reminded that they can submit situations internally here for Week 2.

05 FEB 2017 Time uncertain, Idlewood Had a major shootout between hispanic males and law enforcement at Idlestack. They were believed to be from the little gang North of Crystal Gardens. No deputies or officers were injured. All suspects were killed.

05 FEB 2017 0400, North Rock Police Officers called in a shots fired situation to a combined frequency, suspects with assault weapons had opened fire on Police Officers, and were caught by our air-ship and subsequently taken down, assault weapons were recovered from the downed suspects.

05 FEB 2017 0730, Jefferson A pursuit on a Red Euros was called into the joint department frequency after the driver failed to yield to lights and sirens. The pursuit led through the city to the Panopticon, where the driver surrendered on the Panopticon bridge. No injuries from any sides.

08 FEB 2017 0300, Idlewood & Rodeo Deputies responded to a 911 reporting two individuals with shotguns at Idlestacks by checking Cameras. A female was spotted robbing a bicycle at gunpoint. Deputies soon found the female and cornered her in a parking garage. She was able to get a shot off before being taken down by Deputies. Their medical efforts saved the female's life. She is currently awaiting trial at SACF, no deputies were injured.

08 FEB 2017 0800, Commerce An underage driver fled from a traffic stop, leading Deputies on a brief pursuit before she wedged her care in an alleyway. She was unharmed and taken into custody.
Written by: Marissaa Hazeldine