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[Press Release #332] Journalist Interferes with Suicide Operation

Posted: May 24th, 2017, 5:43 pm
by Sheriff's Information Bureau
Release #332 - MAY 24th, 2017
Journalist Interferes with Suicide Operation
Scenes at Camino del Sol overpassing Dillimore Connector
A suicide jump incident was prevented today at around 1830 when an unnamed gentleman was successfully taken off of a bridge above the Dillimore Connector at Camino del Sol.

A joint effort from the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Sheriff's Department ensured that this incident was dealt with efficiently and without loss of life. The emergency response from both Department's was crucial in the success of this operation.

With that said, some were trying their hardest to ensure that the operation failed, going as far as to shout insults at the victim and asking him to jump. What made this all the more concerning is that one of these people worked for a newspaper.

Hank Burkeen, born 14th of October 1978 made a number of comments against the will of the emergency responding entities. He is a journalist for the "Truth seeker". It is understood by law enforcement present at the scene that he was operating in the capacity of his role as a journalist when he interfered with emergency operations.

Mr Burkeen was detained at the scene so he could not interfere further. As such, the operation was a success.
Written by: Darragh Aidan McLenaghan
Edited by: Darragh Aidan McLenaghan