[Press Release #334] About the Unit — Introduction

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[Press Release #334] About the Unit — Introduction

Post by Marauder » June 23rd, 2017, 4:01 am

Release #334 - June 23rd, 2017
About the Unit — Introduction
Have you ever considered becoming a Deputy Sheriff? Not really aware of what's available internally? Well, each week we'll be releasing an article "About the Unit", this will go on for a total of 9 weeks and each week we will introduce a new unit They'll be released on the Friday of every week and we aim to give you information on our units and what's to offer.

The schedule is listed below.
  • Week 1 — Investigative Services Unit (ISU)
  • Week 2 — Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU)
  • Week 3 — High-Performance Vehicle Course (HPVC)
  • Week 4 — Recruitment Unit (RU)
  • Week 5 — Canine Services Detail (CSD)
  • Week 6 — Public Affairs Unit (PAU)
  • Week 7 — Bureau Medical Section (BMS)
  • Week 8 — Emergency Services Detail (ESD)
  • Week 9 — Special Enforcement Detail (SED)
See something you like? Check out the Recruitment Desk for the next drive and drop your application at our precinct.

Written by: Jackson Baker
Edited by: Marissa Hazeldine