** Poster Found Outside SASD HQ **

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** Poster Found Outside SASD HQ **

Post by RedJ0hn » July 14th, 2017, 2:02 am

((before I begin, I intend to RP with the department, however the forums do not have a section for that. I intend to RP in such a way it will give the deputies a case to work - any fans of the mentalist will know who Red John is - for those who don't, he is a fictional serial killer. Should there be a section to submit such RP to the department, please direct me to said section. With that said, enjoy!))
** The following poster would be found outside the SASD HQ. You may also notice when travelling about the city, several other posters with the same message. ((city life section on main LSRP forums))**
** The poster would appear to be laminated, to ensure its survival in all weathers, **

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Re: ** Poster Found Outside SASD HQ **

Post by Hikari » July 14th, 2017, 3:18 am

* Jason Goose would stroll past the headquarters before starting his shift. He'd stare at the poster for a bit before tearing it down whilst shaking his head. He'd mumble something quietly before entering inside.

(( You can use this section for any front desk role play. Other than that everything can be roleplayed in game which I think is more exciting. ))
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