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Posted: July 28th, 2018, 6:58 am
by Sheriff's Information Bureau


    Natalya McAllister, a 24-year veteran of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department was promoted to Commander by Sheriff Ezio Poldilotta, and took a vacant Commander position under the Patrol Operations Division, assisting in overseeing all patrol operations in Los Santos County.

    Commander McAllister's career with the Sheriff's Department began in 1994 with an assignment to Custody Operations at Twin Towers Correctional Center. Commander McAllister trained and transferred to Patrol Operations in 1995 as a Deputy under Beacon Hill Station, operating as such for 4 years until achieving a position as a Field Training Officer in 1999. Commander McAllister was subsequently accepted into the Supervisory School and promoted to Sergeant in 2002, assigned as a Field Sergeant in East Los Santos. Commander McAllister trained and transferred into a Watch Commander role in East Los Santos in 2005, and promoted to Lieutenant in the same position in 2009. Commander McAllister was upgraded to Operations Lieutenant under East Los Santos in 2011, of which they operated as until 2012 when they were assigned as the Acting Captain of East Los Santos. Commander McAllister promoted to the rank of Captain in 2013, staying as the East Los Santos Captain.

    Commander McAllister holds a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. Commander McAllister is also a graduate of Los Santos Central High School. Commander McAllister resides in Palomino Creek as a bachelorette.


    For Information, Contact:

    Lieutenant Nicholas Armando, Public Information Officer
    (808)555-7870 — [email protected]