[Press Release #335] About the Unit Week #1 - Investigative Services Unit (ISU)

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[Press Release #335] About the Unit Week #1 - Investigative Services Unit (ISU)

Post by Marauder » June 23rd, 2017, 4:04 am

Release #335 - June 23rd, 2017
Investigative Services Unit (ISU)
"What's done in the dark will come to the light"

  • Unit Mission
    • The overarching mission of the Investigative Services Unit is to increase public safety through the investigation and suppression of criminal activity. We protect the people of San Andreas through investigating crime groups and by suppressing serious crime in our localities.

  • About the Unit
    • The Investigative Services Unit, commonly abbreviated as ISU is responsible for investigating crimes and criminal organizations in the San Andreas Sheriff's Department's primary jurisdiction — The State of San Andreas, excluding the City of Los Santos.
      The unit is made up of two sections;

      Investigations Section
      • The Investigations Section is responsible for the investigation of large-scale offenses (homicides, robberies, rape, etc) and criminal organizations. The detectives staffing the Investigations Section have all been hand-picked and trained in all forms of criminal investigation. The Investigations Section primarily handle major case files and operate in plain clothes, they are detectives who have passed the Detective Training Program and are now full-blown detectives. They have the authority to operate under the David callsign which is specific for detectives only. They also have access to a much wider range of equipment.

      Uniformed Services Section
      • The Uniformed Services Section is the first rank you obtain when you join the Investigative Services Unit, these are probationary detectives who operate in uniform and in a marked cruiser. They are responsible for handling minor case files and investigations, however, they are able to work on other cases simultaneously with members of the Investigations Section. The main difference between a Uniformed Deputy and a full Detective is the ability to investigate case-files. Uniformed Deputies must work extensively to be considered for advancement.

  • Recent Unit Updates
    • The unit has gone through a lot in the past months, with the resignation of Commander Mathias Foster to the appointment of Ezio Poldilotta as the Acting Commander and the resignation of the latest Commander Woodrow Fulton. The unit is currently being run by Acting Commander Jason Goose.
      In recent weeks, two new command members were appointed to bring necessary changes to the unit to drive the unit forwards. These changes were made for the best of the unit and for the future progression for deputies and detectives in the unit. The revamps included a new handbook with adjustments to the rules, rank authority and promotion requirements within the unit, ISU Command also implemented multiple operations for the Investigations Section which won't be disclosed due to the confidentiality of them. The ISU Command have also released a new crime scene investigation handbook which aims to aid detectives in their duties.
      The unit has recently opened it's recruitment for members of the department to join as well as new command member assignments being set.

  • Points of Contact
    • ImageImage Acting Commander Jason Goose
      Image Lead Detective Jessica Davies
      Image Lead Detective Natalie Beaumont
      Image Lead Detective Mike Gaston
Written by: Jackson Baker
Edited by: N/A
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